HICSS - 44
2011 Conference
January 4-7, 2011

HICSS-43 Highlights


* Paper Presentation Schedule (Up-dated 12/31)
* Week's Overview
* Keynote Address
* Distinguished Lecture
* Tracks and Minitracks
* Symposia, Workshops, and

Call for Papers

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For Minitrack Chairs
    * MTC Schedule
    * MTC Responsibilities

    * Managing the Review Process
   * Guidelines for sessions

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HICSS-43 Homepage

HICSS-43 offers a unique, highly interactive and professionally challenging environment that attendees find "very helpful -- lots of different perspectives and ideas as a result of discussion."  HICSS sessions are comprised primarily of refereed paper presentations; the conference does not host vendor presentations.

The conference operation is funded entirely by registration fees; therefore, HICSS is not able to subsidize registrations or offer reduced fees, nor partial registration.   All participants and speakers (or their organizations) are expected to bear the cost of their expenses and registration.

HICSS-43 contains the following tracks, or areas of research concentration.  A paper may be submitted to any minitrack in one of these tracks, but not to more than one minitrack.

* Collaboration Systems and Technologies
* Decision Technologies and Service Sciences
* Digital Media: Content and Communication
* Electronic Government
Future Electric Power Systems: Smart Grids, Engineering, Economics, Security
* Information Technology in Health Care
* Internet and the Digital Economy
* Knowledge Management Systems
* Organizational Systems and Technology
* Software Technology