January 7-10, 2013
Grand Wailea, Maui

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HICSS-46 Highlights

Keynote Address

Visualization Culture: Data Literacy for the Rest of Us

Distinguished Lecture

Google+ Hangouts: Changing Communication by Bringing People Together Face-to-Face-to-Face

Best Papers

Collaboration Systems and Technologies

Minitrack: Social and Psychological Perspectives in Collaboration Research

Paper: Toward a Social-Technological System that Inactivates False Rumors through the Critical Thinking of Crowds

Authors: Yuko Tanaka, Yasuaki Sakamoto, and Toshihiko Matsuka

Decision Analytics, Mobile Services, and Service Science

Minitrack: Analytics, Informatics, and Decision Support for Sustainability

Paper: The Effects of Green on IT/S Projects: Recycling the Garbage Can Model

Authors: Keith Rogers, Tracy Jenkin, Jacqueline Corbett, and Jane Webster

Digital Media: Content and Communication

Minitrack: Social Media and Data Analytics
Minitrack Tack Chair David Yates (r:) accepted the award for the authors.

Paper: Mining Points-of-Interest Association Rules from Geo-tagged Photos

Authors: Ickjai Lee, Guochen Cai, and Kyungmi Lee

Electronic Government

Minitrack: Emerging Topics

Paper: Exploring the Influence of Contextual Distances on Transnational Public Sector Knowledge Networks: A Comparative Study of AIRNow-I Shanghai and the Hajj-MDSS Initiatives

Authors: Mohammed Gharawi and Sharon Dawes

Electric Energy Systems

Minitrack: Integrating Distributed and Renewable Resources

Paper: Dynamic Simulation Study of the Frequency Response of the Western Interconnection with Increased Wind Generation

Authors: Peter Mackin, Ron Daschmans, Ben Williams, Brian Haney, Randall Hunt, Jeffrey Ellis, and Joe Eto

Information Technology in Healthcare

Minitrack: IT Innovation for Change in Healthcare

Paper: Towards Next Generation Health Data Exploration: A Data Cube-based Investigation into Population Statistics for Tobacco

Authors: James P. McCusker, Deborah L. McGuinness, Jeongmin Lee, Chavon Thomas, Paul Courtney, Zaria Tatalovich, Noshir Contractor, Glen Morgan, and Abdul Shaikh

Internet and the Digital Economy

Minitrack: Electronic Marketing

Paper: Measuring Effects of Observational Learning and Social-Network Word-of-Mouth (WOM) on the Sales of Daily-Deal Vouchers

Authors: Xitong Li and Lynn Wu

Knowledge Systems

Minitrack: Strategic Knowledge Management for Innovation and for Organizational Agility

Paper: Knowledge Management to Support Systematic Innovation Capability

Authors: Marianne Gloet and Daniel Samson

Organizational Systems and Technology

Minitrack: IT and Project Management

Paper: Understanding the Nature of Use Regarding System Development and Management Methodologies - Using Psychoanalysis to Understand the Influences of Methodology Attributes

Authors: Kunal Mohan, Frederik Ahlemann, and Maurice Kügler

Software Technology

Minitrack: Software Cybersecurity Assurance and Testing

Paper: Effort Estimates on Web Application Vulnerability Discovery

Authors: Hannes Holm, Mathias Ekstedt, and Teodor Sommestad