An important objective of HICSS is to promote interaction and discussion among the participants.  The success of the conference depends heavily on the paper sessions.   Therefore, it is important that each Author only gives a summary of their paper in the allotted time, in order to be prepared for discussion.   The following are some requirements to assure a successful presentation:  


ABSENCES / Substitutes   Only an emergency should prevent you from attending the conference at the last minute.  In this case, please appoint a substitute.  Immediately inform the Session Leader / Minitrack Chair of any substitution.   The substitute presenter should be given clear presentation instructions and a copy of these guidelines, and should be encouraged to contact the Session Leader upon check-in.    Appoint someone who is familiar enough with the paper to summarize it and to lead a discussion on it.  Do not appoint someone merely to "read the paper"  -- informed discussion is basic to a HICSS conference.


AUDIO-VISUAL   Your AV requests should be made during the final paper uploading at .  If you neglect to do that, you may request an AV Request form from the HICSS Conference Office, which then must be faxed to the HICSS office at 808-956-5759 or emailed back to by November 1.


Authors’ meeting – Monday, January 3       5:15 pm to 5:45 pm

Please plan to attend.  Room locations will be posted.  If it is impossible for you to arrive in time for this meeting, you should appoint a designee, or contact your Session Leader as soon as possible, so that   arrangements may be made to convey important information by the time of your presentation.  Minitrack Chairs who have been notified of an absence will try to contact the substitute in advance of the session.  The instructions each presenter is given may affect their presentation and, ultimately, the success of the session.  At this meeting, Minitrack Chairs will:


AFTER THE Conference...

HICSS has a high ratio of conference papers that become journal articles.  Plan to submit your paper to a journal, making revisions based on discussion during your session.  Check with your Minitrack Chair for suggestions and/or to see if a special issue of a journal is planned.


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