When all leading firms in an industry have access to the same technology, the competitive edge comes from fusing people, process and technology.

Dr. Keen will speak

at the HICSS conference

January 4, 2005

12:45 pm Monarchy Ballroom
Hilton Waikoloa Village 


Peter G. W. Keen is chairman of Keen Innovations (formerly known as The International Center for Information Technologies) in Fairfax Station, Va., a senior fellow of Differentis, (a European B2B consultancy), and a distinguished visiting professor at the University of Delft in the Netherlands. 

Peter has served on the faculties of Harvard, MIT, and Stanford, with visiting positions at Wharton, Oxford, Fordham, the London Business School, Stockholm University, and Duke University. 

In 1994, he was profiled by Forbes magazine as the "consultant from Paradise." In 1988, he was named by Information Week as one of the top ten consultants in the information technology field.

His research, writing, education and public speaking all focus on helping firms make a management difference in their deployment of information technology as a business resource and on bridging the gap in understanding, language and planning between business decisions and technology choices.      

The management challenge is for business managers to lead IT, without having to know the details of the technology but understanding and enacting the key decisions about policy, infrastructures and funding that enable their technical professionals to design, implement and operate the platform. That integrated platform is an essential base for business innovation in just about every industry today and vital for coordinating operations in a global environment. 


A prolific writer, Peter Keen is the author of many books that have strongly influenced the business-technology dialogue. (see box).

Peter has worked as a consultant on a long-term basis as an adviser to top managers in helping them fuse business choices and technology decisions. 


Examples of companies with which Keen has worked in this mode include:  British Airways, Cemex (Mexico), British Telecom, Sweden Post, Citibank, Unilever. Glaxo,World Bank, IBM, IATA, MCI Communications. CTC (Chile), Royal Bank of Canada, HP,

and  many others.   His work with these companies has generally included the development and delivery of senior management education programs for action (rather than just "awareness") as a lever for taking charge of change and making IT part of everyday planning and management thinking. 

 Peter is on the Advisory Boards and Boards of Directors of several Internet companies including e-Credit, WebIQ, Xybernaut and Celosis.



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