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HICSS Digital Library

HICSS and the IEEE Computer Society have joined together to provide a HICSS Digital Library. This web-based HICSS Digital Library will provide full text versions of all HICSS papers, starting with HICSS-28 (1995) at no cost to you. We are grateful for the cooperation and support of the IEEE  and of the IEEE Digital Library which provides access to all IEEE journals and conferences. To access the site for HICSS papers, go to HICSS Digital Library at IEEE

HICSS Citations
Library authorities tend to counsel that electronic publications do not have page numbers. The publisher of our Proceedings, The IEEE Computer Society Press, has specifically said they do not assign page numbers to an electronic publication on CD-ROM.  To satisfy the more traditional citation standards, they recommended putting the number of pages, rather than the page numbers, as is common with special reports. For example:
  ..... citation details (12 pages).    It might be appropriate to add a note to this effect in your document, since these types of citations are becoming common.

The specific citation form we recommend for HICSS is the following:
[last name(s)/first name(s) of the author(s)], ["title of paper,"] Proceedings of the [XXth] Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (CD-ROM), [Month/Days/Year], Computer Society Press, [year] (  #pages).

The words Proceedings of # Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences may be either underlined or in bold-face.  For example:
Jones, Alan, and Brown, David, and Smith, Tom, "Evaluation of ABC Software," Proceedings of the Thirty-Third Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (CD-ROM), January 4-7, 2000, Computer Society Press, 2001 (9 pages).

When referencing HICSS Proceedings prior to 2000 (which had pagination), your citation should read:
Jones, Alan, and Brown, David, and Smith, Tom, "Evaluation of ABC Software, "Proceedings of the Thirtieth Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, January 7-10, 1997, Computer Society Press, 1997, Vol. III, pages 561-570.

Send questions or comments to: hicss@hawaii.edu