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Track: Software Technology
Agile Software Development: Lean, Distributed, and
--------------- Scalable

Agile software development processes have been adopted by leading software vendors like Google [1] , Yahoo [2] , Microsoft, Oracle, Siemens, SAP, Amazon, used widely in the gaming industry, applied to embedded systems in aircraft by Lockheed and others, incorporated as best practices in insurance (State Farm, etc.), finance (Vanguard, Wachovia, Capital One, Federal Reserve Bank, Juske Bank, Saxo Bank, etc.), healthcare (Siemens Medical, Phillips Medical, PatientKeeper, Healthwise, Wellogic, etc.), telecom (Nokia, Telenor, Motoroa, Sony/Ericsson, etc.), media (BBC [3] , etc.) consulting organizations of all types and sizes including CMMI Level 5 companies [4] , and many other industries (IKEA, etc.). This minitrack will draw on this broad experience of Agile practice, focus on evaluating best practices across organizations, and presented innovative ideas on agile methods, engineering practices and tools. Accepted papers will potentially enrich the body of knowledge and influence the framework of thought in the field by investigating Agile methods in a rigorous fashion.

Topics and research areas include, but are not limited to:
* Research on existing or new methodologies and approaches: informal modeling techniques and practices, adapting/trimming existing methods, and new product/project planning techniques
* Research on management or business practices that facilitate (or destroy) agile initiatives in organizations (team based vs. individual incentives, command and control vs. trust and cooperation, push vs. pull systems)
* Research on special topics or tools: configuration and resource management, testing, project steering, user involvement, design for agility, virtual teams or others
* Research on integrating ideas from other fields, e.g. interaction design, requirements engineering, cognitive science, organizational psychology, usability testing, software security, into agile processes
* Research studies of development teams using ethnographic or social research techniques
* Research on agile software engineering economics
* Quantitative and qualitative studies of agile methods, practices, and tools
* Research on agile compliance and cost benefits within CMMI, ISO 9000, and FDA certified development projects

Jeff Sutherland (Primary Contact)
Newton , MA , USA
Email: jeff.sutherland@computer.org

Gabrielle Benefield
Yahoo!, Inc.
Mountain View, CA, USA
Email: gbenefield@gmail.com