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HICSS-43 Author Instructions: Manuscript to Publication

Authors' Alert: Final Submission site is www.submitpapers.com. Deadline Sep 15.

Overall Process
* Prepare Manuscript - You may submit the same paper to only one minitrack.
* Submit initial manuscript for review
* Receive acceptance notification by August 15
* Revise manuscript and add author names
* Submit Final Paper for Publication by September 15

Please Note
* HICSS papers must contain original material, and not be previously
   published, nor currently submitted elsewhere.
* Abstracts are optional. You may contact the Minitrack Chair(s) for
   guidance or verification of content.
   If you are not sure of the appropriate Minitrack, submit an
   abstract to the Track Chair(s) for determination.
* You may submit a paper to only one Minitrack. Duplicate submissions
   may be rejected by any or all minitracks, without consultation with author.
* An individual may be listed as author/co-author on no more than 6
   submitted papers. Track Chairs must approve any names added after

1. Prepare Manuscript

Please note that the manuscript should not have author name(s) at this stage.

* Prepare INITIAL manuscript using initial format specifications.

2. Submit initial manuscript

Final date for submission June 15, 12 midnight Hawaii time. (This is 3 hours
behind/earlier than Pacific time/PST, and 6 hours earlier than NewYork/EST).

* Submit in PDF format for review. If you do not have PDF converter, please
visit http://www.freepdfconvert.com to get your source file converted online at no cost.

* Instructions for submitting initial manuscript.

* Submit Initial Manuscript Here.

3. Receive acceptance notification

Decsions will be made by August 15. Notification sent on August 16. (If you do not receive your decision by Monday, August 17, please contact your Minitrack Chair.)

If your paper is accepted, you will be allowed to make minor optional changes, or you may be required to make mandatory changes to your paper. (The revised version of these A-M papers must be submitted by Aug 31 to https://precisionconference.com/~hicss.)

Detailed Instructions for Submitting Final Paper will be sent to Accepted Authors. The final paper will be submitted as a source file to a different website than the initial manuscript submission site. (see final format)

4. Submit Final Paper for Publication by September 15